Ashley Pyne

Transformation Tuesday- Meet Ashley!

Today we're featuring Ashley Pyne and her inspiring transformation. She is a proud mama of 3 girls and she has been attending Body Back since our Holiday Survival session. She loved it so much, she became an instructor- you can visit her on Monday and Wednesday at 9:15 Body Back. We are so proud of her and so glad she's part of our #fit4mommadisonwi fam!

"Moms: they know how to take care of you. Body Back has gotten me stronger physically and mentally. Sure, I've lost pounds and inches along the way, but what I found is how much more comfortable I am flying in economy, the confidence I have to lug a couple of screaming kids out of Target and the moms here for me, on the same journey. Supporting each other, because we are all moms...and we GET IT."

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