Top 5 Reasons to Join The Get Fit Challenge

Our Get Fit Challenge is gearing up to start on Sunday and time is running out to sign up. Here are our top 5 reasons to join the Get Fit Challenge:

1- ACCOUNTABILITY- from your coach and fellow mamas

2- Support in a SAFE place of fellow mamas- we get it and we SEE YOU because we ARE YOU- the support of other mamas who are on this journey ride along side you

3- To celebrate non-scale related victories- you are worth more than that number on the scale, set yourself free and let's celebrate your successes

4- To make time for yourself- we've all been on the airplane where they say to secure your mask first... it's time to take that advice to heart and actually DO IT

5- To see what you are capable of- We tell our children all of the time that they can achieve anything they set their mind to... are you ready to find out if that is true for YOU as well? Join us.

Raedy to find out more and commit to YOU for the next 6 weeks? Click here.