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Our Favorite Things- July 2019 Edition

At Moms Night Out this month we celebrated Christmas in July and it was AHHHHmazing. After a wildly popular December event last year, we decided why wait to treat ourselves until December again? We all brought two identical gifts costing $10-12 each (total we spent was $20-24). The requirements for these two items were something that you would use on yourself as a woman/mom. Something you use that makes you feel great, beautiful, happy, caffeinated, sane, well-rested, pampered, etc. The party was all about MOM!! Not allowed were items that are helpful for mom to use on her kids :)

And since it takes a village, we thought we would compile a list of all of our Favorite Things to help out our fellow mamas out there. Without further ado, here are our Favorite Things- July 2019 Edition.

  • Shampoo Bar from Lush Cosmetics from Robyn

    • Why we love it: It comes in this cute little tin and is great for travel because you don’t have to worry about 3 oz rule and it’s good for the environment with no plastic.

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo and American Provenance Natural Deodorant- From Jess S

    • Why we love it- so you can look good, smell good and take FIT4MOM classes that make you feel good. I mean….#accurate

  • 10 headband multipack- From Sara

    • Why we love it- You can cover up roots if they are oily from lack of shower, or it’s been awhile since you have been to the salon #momlife

  • Sisters and I leather earrings- From Jackie

    • Why we love it- When mom life gets crazy and you forget to do laundry so you are wearing the same outfit...again... a fun pair of earrings can change you up in seconds. I can be wearing my workout clothes per usual, but if I throw on a fun pair of earrings, my kids ask me why I’m so dressed up, am I going out?

  • Icebreakers gum, a silicone sponge and meal planning notepad- From Katie

    • Why we love it: According to my dentist, it has xylitol so is great for after lunch when you can’t brush your teeth. In my life with dishes I need a sponge but regular ones are gross, this silicone one is awesome. And finally since doing Body Back I love meal planning! Each week I plan out my meals and grocery list on this cute pad and post it on my fridge so we stay on track.

  • Sip by Swell insulated waterbottle- From Nicole

    • Why we love it: It’s perfect for iced coffee on these summer days! I pack it up and head out to Stroller Strides.

  • Victoria Secret Body Spray and Body Lotion in Bare Vanilla in Bloom- From Rita

    • Why we love it- Vanilla is a yummy scent that makes me feel pampered.

  • Dear Mom Rose cans, Dove Chocolate and a face mask- From Jess O

    • Why we love it- “It’s a mood thing” was the theme of this gift. The Dear Mom mini rose cans are one glass (and how do I not buy it with that name?!). I loved the size of this can because I'm nursing. Some of the other cans out there are two glasses or more which can be too much.

  • Justins dark chocolate peanut butter cup and Starbucks Gift Card- From Cassandra

    • Why we love it- Ummm, dark chocolate, peanut butter and coffee...what else is there to say?

We hope this list gives you some ideas to treat your friend who just had a baby, surprise your bestie just for fun, or treat YOURSELF. Treating yourself and making the others in your life smile doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or time.

We do our Moms Nights Out once a month and they are open to anyone and everyone in the Madison area- follow along on our Facebook page or join our email list to stay in the loop! I promise, we are super fun to hang with. #girlgang #momsquad #findyourpeople

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