Moms Night Out

Moms Night Out- Let's Get Crafty!

When was the last time YOU got to be crafty mamas? I am all about the crafts for my kiddos, I've got back up pipe cleaners, puff balls and glue on hand at all times- I mean who can resist that dollar bins.... but I've been so wrapped up in the kids crafts, I forgot that guess what.. I actually love crafting! But I don't necessarily have the time to prep everything and come up with a plan- lord knows a trip to Michael's can easily take me two hours (anyone else get distracted there?!?!) .

Enter Rebecca from B Happy Crafts! We hosted our October Moms Night last night, and it was a BLAST. You could either make a pumpkin, a ghost or a turkey string art on a light or dark finish. Rebecca did all of the leg work for us! She came with the projects prepped and all of the supplies ready. All we had to do was show up and get to work. We hammered the nails in the boards, which was great for a little stress relief :) And then we got to work stringing- there were tons of colors of thread to choose from and you could totally customize your technique and color scheme. I feel like I was able to tap in to my creative juices and I found that the stringing was really relaxing. It was so fun to see how everyone's projects took on their own style.

Be sure to check out B Happy Crafts if you like crafting but not the prep work! I've gotten a few other projects from Rebecca and they have all turned out so well, and she is just the best. Check out all of our pics on our Facebook page.

Let's Get Crafty was so much fun, we decided to do it again next month with a Holiday Light Craft at Home Depot. We'd love for you to join us! Click here for details.