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Family Fun Run Recap!

What do we love? Families coming out on a Sunday morning and having FUN moving their bodies, that's what we love! Yesterday we had our monthly Family Fun Run at Orchid Heights Park in Middleton, WI and it was a BLAST. Sometimes trying new things can be intimidating so we thought we would break down what happens at our FREE Fun Runs in the hopes you join us for the next one on August 18th ;)

  • Anyone and everyone is invited to our Family Fun Runs- we had moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and aunts on Sunday- love it!
  • We invite kids on foot, bikes, scooters- whatever helps you move we don't care.
  • We warm up all together and get to know one another and then we take it to the starting line.
  • After we say "GO!" everyone takes off at whatever pace is right for them- we have walkers, runners, sprinters (at least at first...kiddos sometimes don't know how to pace themselves...or maybe that's just my little guy).
  • We complete 1-2 miles- we have signs posted at 1/2 mile and a full mile so you turn around at the point that is right for you and then head back to the start. It's not a race, it's about having fun.
  • You complete your run with a high five and the kiddos this last Sunday got a medal from our friends at Tri4Schools- AHHHMAZING!!!
  • We stretch and hangout afterwards, and take lots of pics cuz there is nothing cuter than a pink cheek kid in a sweatband. Check out our Family Fun Run album here!

What a perfect way to start a Sunday, thank you so much to everyone who joined us! Having FOMO? Our next Family Fun Run is coming up on August 18th at 9:00 am!